2016 County Fair Winners


Supreme Champion Breeding Heifer – Colin Muller, Osage
Champion Purebred Shorthorn Heifer – Lucas Weigle, Orchard
Champion Purebred Other Breeds – Jacob Metli, Mason City
Champion Commercial Breeding Heifer – Colin Muller, Osage
Champion Cow-Calf Pair – Trevor Wagner, Osage
Champion Market Beef – Maci Juenger, Stacyville
Champion Market Heifer – Joe Sullivan, Osage
Champion Pen of Three Market Animals – Laura Miller, Osage
Champion Prospect Male – Parker Brigham, St. Ansgar
Champion Prospect Female – Trevor Wagner, Osage
Top Rate of Gain – Tyler Sprung, Riceville
Champion Senior Showman – Jadie Popp, Osage
Champion Intermediate Showman – Kourtney Chambers
Champion Junior Showman – Mac Muller, Osage

Champion Aged Cow – Aaron Gerdts, St. Ansgar
Champion Senior Showman – Devin Hackenmiller, Stacyville
Champion Junior Showman – Erik Gerdts, St. Ansgar
Champion Dairy Goat – Garrison Gerdts, Osage
Champion Goat Showman – Chloe Goodale, Osage

Overall Best in Show – Josiah Meier, Osage
Senior Best Handler – Sammi Scharper, Osage
Junior Best Handler – Nathan Brumm, Stacyville

Senior Performance Champion – Elizabeth Jenkins, Osage
Intermediate Performance Champion – Madisen Fangman, New Hampton
Junior Performance Champion – Jolene Leutink, Floyd & Maddisen Mausehund, Osage
Senior Games Champion – Hannah Sauve, Osage
Intermediate Games Champion – Kourtney Chambers, Orchard
Junior Games Champion – Maddisen Mausehund, Osage
Senior High Points Overall – Elizabeth Jenkins, Osage
Intermediate High Points Overall – Molly Jenkins, Osage
Junior High Points Overall – Maddisen Mausehund, Osage
Sportsmanship Award – Kyle Jakel, Osage

Champion Production Hens – Victoria Schwarting, Osage
Champion Market Poultry – Courtney Tusler, Osage
Overall Grand Champion Showman – Courtney Tusler, Osage

Grand Champion Breeding Rabbit – Emma Retterath, Stacyville
Grand Champion Show Rabbit – Susanna Meier, Osage
Grand Champion Pen of Three Market Rabbits – Christian Michels, Osage

Champion Market Lamb – Cole Counsell, Orchard
Champion Pen of Three Market Lambs – Riley Witt, Osage
Overall Champion Breeding Sheep – Cole Counsell, Orchard
Champion Commercial Ewe Lamb – Cole Counsell, Orchard
Champion Derby Lamb (live) – Chad Eastman, Riceville
Champion Derby Lamb (scanned data) – Andrew Morische, Riceville
Top Rate of Gain – Andrew Morische, Riceville
Champion Senior Showman – Kaleb Jakel, Osage
Champion Intermediate Showman – Riley Witt, Osage
Champion Junior Showman – Regan Witt, Osage

Overall Champion Hog – Connor Mehmen, Osage
Champion Derby Barrow (live) – Brecken Huisman, Osage
Champion Derby Gilt (live) – Connor Mehmen, Osage
Champion Derby Barrow (scanned data) – Brecken Huisman, Osage
Champion Derby Gilt (scanned data) – Niklas Smith, Osage
Champion Commercial Gilt – Adam Koch, Osage
Champion Pen of Three – Emmi Taets, St. Ansgar
Champion Market Gilt – Noah Sletten, Osage
Champion Market Barrow – Kaleb Jakel, Osage
Champion Senior Showman – Kylie Juenger, Stacyville
Champion Intermediate Showman – Sarah Phelps, St. Ansgar
Champion Junior Showman – Olivia Huisman, Osage



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